Crochet Techno Critter: Draw-a-Stuffie

I can’t believe 2014 is almost over and Christmas is here in less than 2 weeks!!!!!! I have been busy working on my draw-a-stuffie order – based on a picture/drawing of a 10-year old boy.  I am not quite sure what it is, but the boy’s mom said it’s some kind of techno critter, or seal.  What do you think it is?  Emoji And finally I am done!!!  I hope the boy will like the stuffie made by Santa’s elf. Emoji  Happy holidays everyone!

Information about placing your order for Draw-a-Stuffie can be found from my previous post (Click here).



Crochet Bear Hat (Custom Made Order)

A friend’s friend lost her bear hat bought from years ago and couldn’t find it anywhere for sale. I was asked if I could make one from looking at a picture. The original one is knitted by looking at the photo, but I am more familiar with crochet, plus I don’t do lining inside the hat. But my friend still wanted me to go ahead and try to imitate it as much as I could.  So here it is – my picture made the hat look purple for some reason, but it’s blue as the original :) Hope her friend will like it!



Crochet – Metal Frame Coin Purse

I was going to crochet a macaroon metal frame coin purse, but after I sew the metal frame on, it no longer looked the way I expected Emoji So I decided to undo it and then made this one instead Emoji I might still go back to the macaroon metal frame again when I get a chance.  Emoji

So how do you like this?  I plan to make some more (hopefully before Christmas shopping season is over) and put them for sale in Etsy shortly!  Stay tune!

Metal Frame Coin Purse