Crochet Hot Dog PDF Pattern

My boy asked me to make him a hot dog, and here come’s the hot dog:


When I was making it, my girl asked what I was making, and I said a hot dog as requested by your brother.  She then said, “I want one too, but I know you must be tired making it for him, so I am not going to ask you to make me one.”  Awwww…..I gotta make her one since she’s so sweet, right?  And here it is for my sweetie pie:
Hot Dog Pattern is now available at Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy.  Hope you will enjoy making one for your loved one(s)!


Crochet Wedding Bear Couples

Oh my, it’s been 6 months since my last post.  Finally, inspired by a niece’s request, I crocheted a bear that I made a few years ago (see previous post here) but with a different outfit – black tuxedo.  Here’s what I made for her:

File_001 (1)

After that, my 5-year old boy said he loved it and wanted one.  Alright alright, I will make another one, and also write up the pattern in case any of you out there would like to make one too 😝 So I made the outfit in grey this time.

File_000 (7)

And of course, my 7-year old girl will not want to be left out.  So I decided to make the girl one too, but with a crown instead of a hat this time, and a different dress – a dress with train…I am not done with the front though – still working on the bouquet and will do some more decor on the dress.  Here’s the back as a sneak peek (as always, you gotta wait for the bride’s grand entrance, right? 😉):

File_006 (1)Patterns to follow…