Recipe – New Trial

I tried a few recipes over the weekend, not so satisfied but I believe it can be better next time.

1. Dilly Baby Red Potato Salad from Prevention Magazine.  I find the “avocado dressing” a little bit too thick to mix, but other than that, it tastes pretty good and my family liked it.

2. Veal Roast Italiano from IGA Market Place flyer (the veal was $6.99/lb, but I think I’d rather have T-bone steak for that price).  I was a bit disappointed, but my family said it’s not bad.

3. Cilantro Rice from Prevention Magazine.  It could’ve been good but I screwed it up by soaking the basmati rice.  So it turned out not fluffy but mushy which my 13-month old boy loved it though.  I will definitely try this recipe again to see how it turns out without the soaking.


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