Recipe – Black Sugar and Ginger Tea (to fight cold)

I felt like catching a cold over the weekend and as always the first sympthom is headache for me. Most of the time, instead of drugging myself, I prefer a natural remedy. So I made myself a black sugar and ginger tea (a recipe that I got a while ago but never got to try) and it worked. I came across black sugar in quite a few recipes before but never know where to get it, until one day I found it from Price Smart Food in Richmond. It’s a bit pricy but I still bought a pack to give it a try. So here’s the recipe which is super easy:

4-5 slices ginger (or 1 tbsp freshly squeezed ginger juice)
1 block black sugar (or to taste)


Put both ingredients in a cup and then pour hot water in. Cover the cup for a couple minutes then mix till sugar completely dissolved…Done!

【Facts】Black sugar is healthier and more tasty than white processed sugar; brown sugar has a few of the benefits of black sugar, but really isn’t as good. It can look quite similar to brown sugar, but black sugar is even darker – almost black. Black sugar is popular in Taiwan. Compared to processed sugar, which has a very flat, characterless taste, black sugar is ’round’, with a lot more flavor. Unlike processed sugar, black sugar contains molasses, plus potassium, iron, calcium and other minerals.Many Western women like to eat chocolate for comfort during their period, but Japanese women like to eat black sugar. For Taiwanese women, eating black sugar during their period is also a very common custom, probably because Taiwan is a former colony of Japan. They really eat pieces of sugar like it’s candy. Actually, the minerals like iron and calcium do help ease the tension and discomfort of a woman’s period. Of course the calories of the black sugar do produce a lot of energy for this difficult time too. Similar to sea salt or rock salt, black sugar is also a relatively alkaline ingredient. Instead of using processed salt or sugar, it will give our health more nutritional benefits.