My Very First Crochet Project (not done yet)

I’ve been dreaming of making something like this but never know how.  Finally I made it.  Click here to find a video teaching you how to make this.  I haven’t made enough progress other than what I showed in the photo, but I am getting there.  In fact I have been working on a project for about two weeks, which takes longer time than expected.  Stay tune though because I am trying to finish it up by the weekend!


Crochet Doll

OK, so if you’ve read my last two posts and wondered what project I was on, here it is, except I still need to fix the lips a little bit and take a better photo later.


Here’s the instructions:

Since I was not so good at reading the written instructions, I also referred to a similar Crochet Dolls Tutorials that I found on youtube:

Amigurumi Doll Head (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4)

Amigurumi Doll Body (Click here)

Amigurumi Doll Leg (Click here)

Amigurumi Doll Arm (Click here)

Assembling Amigurumi Doll Parts (Click here)