Pattern – Crochet Amigurumi Olaf the Snowman from Disney Movie Frozen

After watching the Disney movie Frozen with the kids in November last year (it’s their first time to a theatre, and our first time watching a 3-D movie), I fell in love with the cutie funny Olaf the snowman.  I googled tryin to find a crochet pattern, but didn’t find any I fell in love.  So I thought maybe I could create my own, FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!  What an exciting but bold idea!

Finally I am done with this pattern.  It took me a while (as you could tell coz the idea came out last year after watching the movie) since I started this project, and then stopped since I wanted to make those cell phone holders really bad, and finally I got to complete this project last night.  I “stole” my daughter’s two dolls of the sisters Anna & Elsa from the movie to shoot picture with my newly created Olaf.  🙂  Hope you like it!  The pattern is now up on Etsy.  If you love Olaf like myself & my kids, get the pattern at Etsy, Craftsy or Ravelry and make one today!!!  Don’t forget to send me photos of your finished product if you DO get my pattern since I love to see how it turns out. 🙂

Photo 1-28-2014 IMG_2545_meitu_1


Pattern – Croceht Angry Bird & Owl Cell Phone Holder

With my previous post, a lot of you do not understand what I meant for a facelift/2-in-1. 🙂  So if you are like me who likes to have a change from time to time, this patter is perfect for you.  With my new pattern, you can crochet a cell phone holder with two faces – angry bird on one side and owl on the other. When you need a break from angry bird, just turn it around then you will see an owl instead :-). Click here to get the pattern and make one for yourself or your loved one today!



Pattern – Crochet Cell Phone Holder – Despicable Me Minion

Who doesn’t like the minions from Despicable me?  I have just finished creating my very first own pattern of crochet minion cell phone holder.  I am so excited and hope you will like it too.  The pattern is now available for instant download!!  Want to make one for yourself or someone you love?  Simply click here to get the pattern!

Photo 1-13-2014, 10 08 14 PM