Pediatric Dental Treatment for My 3-Year Old

Sarah started to have cavity signs on her front teeth when she was around 2, so I was told to take her to the dentist. My dentist doesn’t prefer to accept kids under 3 because they think the kids will freak out at such a young age and refuse to go back in the future due to the bad experience. But I insisted that it was suggested by the community nurse, so they took her in the end which was back in June last year. Sarah was good at her first visit to the dentist office which surprised everyone.  The dentist suggested that we clean Sarah’s teeth very well (floss, brush, and use a q-tip to wipe the surface of her teeth).

 After that we were told to go back for a visit in 4 months (usually 6 months) in October.  Again Sarah did well and she even let them do a quick fix to one of her molars without any screaming or tears.  Then again we were told to go back again in 4 months, which was last Friday. This time they did a quick x-ray since the dentist suspected more cavities. Again this time she stayed calm and didn’t freak out even when they took the x-ray. But the pictures didn’t come out nicely since she was too young to cooperate (couldn’t bite the piece in her mouth hard enough). The dentist still referred us to the pediatric dental office because she didn’t want to try fixing Sarah’s teeth which might scare her away for the future cleaning visits.

 So we got an appointment on the past Tuesday for a consultation. She did well again for the appointment, no fuss no tears. But the bad news is that she has cavities (mostly minor) for 15 out of her 20 teeth. Holy moly! How can we expect this while we have been making so much effort to clean her teeth every night ?? According to the dentist, that’s caused by her bad eating habit – snacking along all day and keeping food in her mouth. Yike…the worst part is that they proposed to put her to sleep, and then she will need 4 crowns and 7 fillings. The estimated cost will be around $3000, and even with coverage from both me and my husband’s benefit, we still need to pay about $1000 out of our pocket. What a nightmare for such a little girl, and also our bank!

 In the meantime, I kinda feel this pediatric dental office is a bit aggressive. I in fact was warned by my dentist when I was offered a few choices to choose from, but I still picked this one because it’s more convenient location wise. So now we would like to seek second opinion. Sarah happened to have a cousin who has a similar issue and just got his teeth fixed, so I got the dentist’s contact and booked an appointment which is in mid March. So we hope we will feel more comfortable with the next proposed treatment plan and get this over soon. What we don’t want to see is to wait until the cavity gets worse and Sarah will suffer from it. After all the period of losing the primary teeth range from age of 4 to 12, and this is a long time. We do want to get things right and minimize the possibility of her suffering. So we will wait and see how it goes next month. (To be continued)