Crochet Cell Phone Wristlet with Rosebud/Butterfly – Yarn Club Fundraising Project #2 – Free Pattern

I made two cell phone wristlets with inspiration from MyPicot’s posts: Crochet Rosebud Stitch and Crochet Butterfly Stitch.


I have used the Caron Simply Soft Yarn (Heather Grey for the body of the cozy, Watermelon for the rosebud).


For the butterfly and rose leaves, I used some scrap yarn that I have left from my previous projects.

To begin, I chained 17 (for my iPhone 6S).


Starting at the 2nd chain from your hook, do half double crochet across on each of the 16 chains.


Continue with half double crochet for the other side of your chain, that will make another 16 half double crochet.  So you will have a total of 32 half double crochet as an oval/rectangle shape.  I used a stitch  marker to mark my first stitch because I will be working in continuous rounds (instead of joined rounds with a joining mark in the finished piece).


Do half double crochet for another rounds until 2/3 of the height of your phone with 32 half double crochet each round.  Mine ends in row 10.


The next round (Row 11 of mine) will be changing to the first color (for the butterfly or leaves depending on which one you would like to do).  MyPicot has very good instructions on how to do the butterfly with antennas : Crochet Butterfly Stitch.  The position of the rosebud with leaves or butterfly will be up to you.  I will show below how I did the rosebud with leaves.

Join green yarn and single crochet in the first 8 stitches, and now starting to make the 2 leaves: chain 3


Insert your hook from back to front into a half double crochet below (like the picture below) and make 1 single crochet.  Where you insert the hook will be the where the tip of the leaf (left one) be positioned.  To make the leaf, in the 3 chain space, you make 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 3 double crochet, 1 half double crochet, 1 sc.


To make the other leaf, chain 3, and then insert your hook from back to front again in a half double crochet that’s 3 stitches from where you positioned the left leaf and make 1 single crochet.  Now repeat what you did for the left leave: in the 3 chain space, you make 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 3 double crochet, 1 half double crochet, 1 single crochet.   Then continue making single crochet across to the end of the row.


Next round (row 12 of mine) you join pink yarn and single crochet in the first 8 stitches, and now starting to make the rosebud: chain 12, 3 double crochet in the 4th chain from the hook, and then 3 double crochet in each of the remaining 8 chains, chain 3, slip stitch in last chain.  Turn and roll spiral together from one end, rolling towards the other end.  Form strip together into a rosebud shape.  Insert hook through bottom side of rose and sew all layers of the rosebud making slip stitch.  Repeat this slip stitch process one more time, chain 1 and turn. Then continue making single crochet across to the end of the row.


Join grey yarn and repeat the half double crochet across process until you reach the height you need.  You should still have 32 half double crochet each round. Mine is from row 13 to row 23.

Row 24 (to make the wristlet hole and strap): chain 45 (making the strap), skip 5 half double crochet (make sure the 5 you are skipping are in the center of the cozy), single crochet in the next 11 half double crochet, chain 5, skip 5 half double crochet (make sure the 5 you are skipping are in the center of the other side of the cozy), single crochet in the last 11 half double crochet.

Row 25 (to make the wristlet hole and strap thicker/stronger): make half double crochet in each of the 45 chain, single crochet in the next 11 single crochet, make 5 half double crochet in the 5 chain space, single crochet in the last 11 single crochet.

Fasten off and sew in ends.  Here’s the completed rosebud wristlet:


Thank you for reading and hope you have fun making this beautiful cozy.  Comments are welcome.



Crochet Ear Warmer – Yarn Club Fundraising Project #1

I recently joined the newly formed knitting club at work and we decided to crochet/knit small items that we can sell at work to raise funds to donate to a charity.  Here’s the first project I did for the club from one of the patterns I mentioned in my previous post (or click here), and it’s sold immediately!




Crochet Ear Warmers

Vancouver has been unusually cold this winter, and I saw a girl wearing a very chic ear warmer on the bus before Christmas break.  So I think it could be good to make some for the nieces as part of their Christmas presents.  I tried three different patterns and they all turned out very cute and pretty.  Here’s what I did:


The patterns can be found here:

  1. Easy Flower Headwrap (Flower pattern can be found here)
  2. Knitted Look Flower Head Band
  3. Ribbed Bow Ear Warmer

I heard that the girls got compliments when wearing them, which made my day!  Hope you will enjoy making one (or some) for yourself or your loved one(s)!



Crochet BFF Charms

My daughter just turned 8 and I wanted to do something special but small for her.  She invited two best friends from her class for a (birthday) play date, and I did their nails using the Jamberry nail wraps that I bought from my friend.  I like them because they don’t chip like nail polish.  It’s a little bit pricey but I think it’s worthy.

So I decided to make 3 BFF charms for the 3 of them as part of the party favor.  I saw this bear pattern from All About Ami for a while, and finally decided to give it a try.  I put my daughter’s charm together with her present (when she was sleeping).

This is how they turn out (I wrote the 3 girls’ initial on the tummy to make each one unique):



DIY Halloween Costume

My 5-year old boy decided to be a magician for Halloween this year, so I was searching for some DIY ideas online.  I found a tutorial from A Craft a Day to make the cape, which is awesome!  Since I am a sewing novice, I had to seek help from my mother-in-law though. 🙂  She did the collar a bit different from the instruction, and it looks out very well.


Instead of sewing the hat, I crocheted one using the Halloween Top Hat pattern I found from Red Heart.


For the trick-or-treat bag, he’s using the crochet pumpkin bag for the first time that I made right after last year’s Halloween.


Then my 8-year girl last minute decided she doesn’t want to be Princess Anna (from Frozen) any more.  Instead, she would like to be a witch.  Fine, her supermom then had to search all over again for  witch costume ideas.  Then I found one on Pinterest – DIY No Sew Ribbon Tie Tutu.  Perfect!  Then I went to Michael’s to get the 4 different colors of Tulle to make the Tutu.


As for the hat, I found a post called How to crochet a witch hat for Halloween and used the same yarn that I used for the boy’s magician hat.


Last but not least, we got her a broom from the dollar store, and she’s using the same zombie bag I made for her a few years ago.  Hwww, mission accomplished!


And here’s their final look 🙂